Christina Gabrielle Music

About Christina

From a young age, anything to do with the arts has fascinated me. Music, singing, dancing, acting, visual arts, writing song lyrics. All of these things have played a major role in my life, but music a little more so. I was listening to legendary artists such as Elvis, Dolly, Michael, Whitney, Beethoven and Mozart before I was even born. Mom thought it would make me smarter, and it did, but it also gave me an early start to my passion for music. Not only was music instilled in me from the start, but I literally have music flowing through my veins.

I have many relatives on my mom’s side of the family who were very musically/artistically inclined: Music professors, piano teachers, actresses, dancers, vocalists and musicians. My dad also has some musical talent on his side, but my mom is the heavyweight when it comes to passing down artistic DNA. I believe these gifts of mine definitely come from God, and that he blessed me with the family gene of musicality and creativity.

Although it is my focus and passion, singing is not the only thing I love to do. I have been a competitive dancer for 13 years now, and have competed in many dance competitions winning 1st and second overall back to back, my greatest achievement as a dancer. I’ve wrote song lyrics since I was practically five years old, my first song being about how I would never get married and stay with my Dad forever. I also love to act, and have been making up my own scripts/skits since I was two.

I have performed many places in my career so far. The Texas Country Music Hall of Fame John Ritter Tribute Showcase in Carthage, TX, The National Sandbass Festival in Madill, OK, and The Rialto Theatre in Denison, TX, and Ole Red in Tishomingo, OK are just a few. I have performed in many local events and a few talent competitions as well.

With my music, I aim to give people something to relate to, something that resonates deep within them. I want to influence people my age, younger and older in a positive light. I want to make music that is there for people, because music has always been there for me. As an artist, I want my message to speak through my music, and I strive to embody the beauty of creativity and art. Ever since I was a little girl pretending to be Hannah Montana in my room, I have dreamed of playing big stages and singing for thousands of people. I want to make the world brighter through my artistry.

Many artists have inspired my journey as a singer. Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus), The Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, BTS, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande to name a few. But, none have inspired me the way Jesus inspires me. My faith is my backbone and the reason I am doing this. Jesus instilled this dream in me, and I believe it is not only a dream but a calling. I am called to make a difference in the world through my music and voice. I aim to glorify Him in my career and make His name known. He is my motivation and strength and I want to make Him proud.

My name is Christina Gabrielle, and I am a small town girl with big time dreams. 🙂